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West Sussex County Council are delighted to offer you free access to Gro to help you lose weight and take control of your health.

If you live or work within West Sussex, or are a registered patient then you may be eligible for free access to Gro.

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Understand your body and transform your health

Gro is an app proven to support sustainable weight loss, blood glucose control, and reduction in anxiety, stress and depression.
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What could I achieve?

People who use Gro show improvements in short-term and long-term health.
Photo of two of our members being contempt with their progress

After 12 weeks


Reduction in depressive symptoms


Reduction in generalised anxiety


Reduction in perceived stress

And after 1-year

1.2% (13 mmol/mol)

HbA1c reduction


Weight loss

1 in 4 people

Achieve type 2 diabetes remission


Reduce or eliminate medication
Before and after photos of our members
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Keeping your health and data secure

Gro has been put through rigorous tests on safety, security and data integrity.

  • Class I Medical Device
  • MHRA-regulated
  • CE Mark

Take care of the 4 pillars of health

Your health, your way
Mental wellbeing

Your health starts with what you eat

Gro’s education has been clinically demonstrated to help people:

  • Lose weight
  • Reduce mediation dependency
  • Place Type 2 Diabetes into remission

The digital logbook makes food tracking simple with AI-powered image recognition and barcode scanning.

Clinically-validated behaviour change

What's included in Gro?

Data-led insight, education, and coaching for people looking to empower their everyday.

Demonstrated to help people sustainably lose weight, reduce the need for medication, achieve type 2 diabetes remission and improve symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

Photo of types of nutrition streams within Gro...  Balanced diet, Ketogenic and Low Carb
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Get your Wellness Score

Connect with wearables including Samsung Galaxy Active Watch to measure signals from your body and receive data-led feedback to optimise your day.

Innovating digital healthcare

Empowering people with award-winning innovation
Innovating digital healthcare

Remote monitoring

Our technology allows you to connect with your clinic (where available) and enables safe de-prescription of medications.


Health coaches provide proactive, fully virtual care. Speak to your coach and check-in with weekly meetups.

Wellness Program

Clinically-demonstrated platform demonstrated to support improvements in weight, blood glucose, mental health and reduce medications.

Keep connected with our virtual meetups

Join weekly virtual meetups and stay connected with coaches and friends from around the globe.
were satisfied with the meetups they attended
would recommend the meetups to others
of meetup attendees felt motivated to continue low carb
*Based on 500+ responses

Start with a one-to-one initial check-in

Start your Gro journey with a one-to-one check-in with your mentor. Complete your baseline profile and start in a way to visualise your success.

Pre-Meetup private check-ins

If you want a little more accountability, join your mentor for a private one-to-one check-in before the Virtual Meetup starts to track your progress.

Kick start your weight loss and health goals

The first part of our Virtual Meetup covers a theme to help you reconfirm what you’re learning.

Stay connected with friends and coaches

Stay connected with friends and coaches to keep you accountable and on-track.

What could you achieve?

Start your journey to better health

Lost 3st 8lbs

“I have a lot more energy and I sleep a lot better than I used to”

Andy, 55

Lost 3st 8lbs
Reduced HbA1c by 1.2%

"I feel my mental state is better and I’m confident that I can succeed."


Lost 3st

"I feel healthier and fitter, my HbA1c has also gone down from 53mmol/mol to 37, meaning it’s now in the normal range."


“I have a lot more energy and I sleep a lot better than I used to”

Lost 3st 8lbs

Andy, 55

"I feel my mental state is better and I’m confident that I can succeed."

Lost 3st 8lbs
Reduced HbA1c by 1.2%


“I have a lot more energy and I sleep a lot better than I used to”

Lost 3st 8lbs

Andy, 55

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